The Benefits of Standing with the Motion Concepts MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System

By Invacare Corporation

October 21, 2019

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In a seated position, roughly 70 percent of a person’s body weight is situated over the Ischial Tuberosities (ITs)¹. For a wheelchair user, the constant pressure on the ITs can lead to skin breakdown resulting in pressure injuries and other health concerns.

While many manufacturers offer tilt and/or recline capabilities on their power wheelchair offering to assist in pressure redistribution, the only way we can truly offload pressure on the ITs is through standing.


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Thanks to innovation from Invacare subsidiary Motion Concepts, wheelchair users who meet the criteria can now experience the benefits of standing with the Motion Concepts MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System offered exclusively on the ROVI A3 Power Wheelchair base.


The MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System offers many clinical and psychosocial benefits by allowing a user to stand, and new technology accounts for the needs of a wheelchair user who is moving from a seated to a standing position.

While moving from a seated to a standing position is beneficial, it can also be harmful if constant pressure on the IT area has led to sensitivity or skin breakdown. The MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System mitigates this through the use of a series of smart actuators that are synchronized to provide a smooth transition from a seated to standing position, limiting unwanted migration of the user during the active phase of standing. To further provide a solution for pressure redistribution, the MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System features up to 45˚of CG Tilt, 178˚ of recline and exceptional Extended Shear Reduction.


Pressure redistribution isn’t the only benefit to using the MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System, though. A standing position allows for a greater range of upward and downward travel of the diaphragm, which is known to help improve respiration through greater inhalation and exhalation. The likelihood of impaction and UTIs can be reduced as bowel and bladder elimination is known to improve when standing. Greater range of motion in the joints is known to dramatically reduce hip, knee and ankle contractures and the progression of bone density loss is slowed².


There are psychosocial benefits, too. The MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System allows users to access their environment and help users find confidence in their ability to stand with their peers. The ability to stand has also been reported to lead to more opportunities for employment and improvements in sleep and the ability to take care of one’s self².


If you’re interested in finding out more about the MPS Maxx Modular Power Standing System and the evaluation criteria, contact Motion Concepts at 888-433-6818.



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2. Spinal Cord Injury Centre Physiotherapy Lead Clinicians United Kingdom and Ireland, Clinical Guidelines for Standing Adults Following Spinal Cord Injury. 2013


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