Invacare Corporation Launches Post-Acute Care Program Focused on Outcomes

By Invacare Corporation

April 14, 2017

Topics: Post-Acute Care

Invacare Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of Invacare Outcomes by Design, a consultative program with a suite of services designed to assist post-acute care facilities in improving clinical, financial, and patient satisfaction outcomes.


Invacare Post Acute Care Program - Outcomes by Design 

"Achieving measurable results is increasingly important, and Invacare partnered with leading industry experts to implement effective and comprehensive modules that a facility can customize based on their needs," Ed Armstrong, VP Post-Acute Care Product & Channel Marketing said. "From training and education options to on-site support, Invacare's Outcomes by Design Program was built to be progressive and flexible while providing measurable outcomes that directly impact a facility's performance."


The Program currently offers three modules with plans to continue to add more to meet various needs facilities have.


"We elicited input and feedback from clinicians and Administrators to ensure the composition of each module was effective and built to support today’s challenges facilities need to overcome," said Armstrong.


The results of this collaboration are programs centered on Safe Patient Handling, Pressure Management, and Facility Design, the top three challenges participants identified as priorities in facilities.


Invacare Safe Patient Handling Module for Post Acute Care

Safe Patient Handling Module

Whether the goal is minimizing resident falls, implementing a comprehensive safe patient handling program, or in-servicing staff on proper use of lifts and slings, this module's service can help impact various measures in a facility. Already implemented in over 1,000 long-term care facilities, the Safe Patient Handling module can help facilities reduce costs related to employee injuries caused by lifting, transferring and repositioning residents by up to 80%.*


Invacare Pressure Management Module for Post Acute Care

Pressure Management Module
The overall cost of a pressure injury can be much more than the immediate cost to treat it. Providing proper staff training and education to deliver the proper equipment, and care, for preventing or treating pressure injuries is critical to not only the health of a resident, but also a facility's reputation. Invacare is there to provide the Pressure Management support a facility needs to help reduce and appropriately manage pressure injuries, while giving staff the confidence to achieve the facility's wound care goals and to help improve quality measures.


Invacare Facility Design Module for Post Acute Care

Facility Design Module

Whether new builds in your market are attracting residents away or you are seeking to remodel for short-term rehab, Invacare can help differentiate your facility through beautiful, thoughtful design exclusively for post acute care settings. With a long history in specific post acute care design concepts, Invacare Interior Design can help differentiate a facility to attract new residents, improve employee morale, and boost satisfaction among current residents and their families through a safe, comfortable environment.


"At Invacare we know that no two facilities are alike and neither are their needs," said Armstrong. "The Outcomes by Design process begins with a consultative needs analysis with your local Invacare Post-Acute Care Solutions Representative and builds from there to provide confidence for facilities in creating positive outcomes."

To learn more about Invacare's Outcomes by Design program visit or contact your local Invacare Post-Acute Care Solutions Representative.


*Results may vary.


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