Invacare Corporation Launches New Portable Oxygen Concentrator

By Invacare Corporation

November 4, 2016

Topics: respiratory care

Invacare is proud to announce the launch of the new portable oxygen concentrator (POC), the Invacare® Platinum® Mobile Oxygen Concentrator. 

invacare's new portable oxygen concentrator the platinum mobile oxygen concentratorPlatinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator was designed to weather everyday life. With special features built into the device to make it water resistant, rugged, and simple to use, this POC addresses the real-life demands of consumers.



“We spent time understanding the true needs of consumers when it comes to POCs,” said Bart Benedict, vice president of research and innovation. “POCs have always been able to function in the best of conditions, however everyday life is rarely perfect. The Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator was designed to accompany people who need portable oxygen for more than an afternoon in the park.”




Key design features of the Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator include:



invacare's platinum mobile oxygen concentrator


Downward facing ports and vents, reinforced battery door seals, and integrated drainage channels built into the carrying bag. The POC meets IP22 water resistance standard for exposure up to 10 minutes. 

Rugged Build
Reinforced bumpers, an encapsulated compressor and latch free doors for shock dissipation. 


Practical Design
Top load battery feature allows for quick battery swap without interrupting oxygen output or needing to remove the 3-way convertible carrying case.


Temperature Tolerance
High-grade tubing combined with dual intakes and exhausts maximize heat dissipation, allowing the POC to function in varying temperatures and conditions.

charging station for invacare platinum mobile oxygen concentrator

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